Distalization and expansion in times of digital case planning

  • 28/11/2020 Formation de 9:00 à 18:00 Genève


Dr. Heinz Winsauer
Langue : German

Détails de la Formation

Distalization and expansion in times of digital case planning -
TopJet Distalizer and MICRO2 Expander

The use of mini screws in the front palate has fundamentally changed orthodontic treatment.
Due to the lack of dental side effects, the use of mini-screw-supported expanders or distalization devices creates enough space for the permanent teeth even in the mixed dentition. The simplicity of the mini screw insertion and its uncomplicated long-term use as a retention are well received by young patients and their parents. New innovative devices are used directly at the treatment center without an impression and without a laboratory. If necessary, they enable simultaneous expansion and distalization. In many cases, extractions can be avoided.
Technological innovations such as oral scanners and printers, digital volume tomography (DVT) and corresponding case planning software now offer the orthodontist better control of the mini screw position and thus more security when creating treatment devices.

Course content:
- Perform a painless local anesthetic
- Selection of the mini screws, their correct handling and insertion in the mouth.
- Detailed explanation of the use of the TopJet and the MICRO2 expander enable a safe application of these techniques in your own practice.
- Demonstration of the possibilities of digital planning using case studies

Prix de la conférence

Doctors 450CHF

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